Colombo International Academy of Training & Standards (Pvt) Ltd aka Ciats Worldwide Training & Standards® undertakes complete service branding of service sector organizations assisting such business shine and stay far ahead of the competition. Service branding is a combination of activities that can give any organization a bunch of benefits that cannot be copied by competitors.

Our service branding package includes:

1. Creating a inspired service culture through mindset shifting of people
2. Standardization of your service through service standard operating procedures
3. Establishment of effective training monitoring and reinforcement system
4. Training of internal trainers to maintain set standards.
5. Time to time feedback for continual improvement

Advantages of service branding:

1. High quality service
2. Competitive edge
3. Sustainable business
4. Smooth operation
5. Systematic training mechanism
6. Employer branding
7. Great customer satisfaction
8. Service consistency
9. Save money spent for external service trainers
10. High moral of staff


In line with the rapidly developing technology and ever changing human aspirations, to be up-to-date on the subject matter we handle, Colombo International Academy of Training & Standards (Pvt) Ltd aka CIATS Worldwide Training & Standards® conducts own research in different fields of service. With the knowledge and experience we gather through our systematic and casual research, we constantly upgrade our services for our customers to enjoy the highest return on their investment.

Research areas of Ciats Worldwide Training & Standards® service branding package includes;

* Learning & development
* Efficiency improvement
* Process efficiency
* Service industry trends and movements
* People and education
* Wellbeing of people
* Competency development
* Performance management


Every person understanding true potential, being self-disciplined, having commitment and having patience indeed can make a great world to live in. Colombo International Academy of Training & Standards (Pvt) Ltd aka CIATS Worldwide Training & Standards® in collaboration with various community organizations, strive to assist the community to inculcate such qualities and find sustainable means of making a great society for everyone to live in peace and harmony.

We strive to improve community leadership for strengthening the social and cultural fabric of society and making an extraordinary difference to the well-being of the nation.

We create awareness on how to harness resources and mobilize people to face demanding challenges and accomplish desired aims.

We develop new and more powerful ways of exercising leadership at different levels of the society to generate desired results.

We strive to enhance human capacity to diagnose, frame and provide leadership for different kinds of adaptive challenges that must be addressed, such as the development challenge, transition challenge, sustainability challenge, creative challenge and crisis challenge.

We strive to develop a deeper grasp of the complexity and interdependence of all parts of society.

We focus on increasing human capacity for cross-cultural collaboration and support.

We make people aware of how personal values, philosophies, knowledge, skills and behaviour influence the progression of the community